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Fiyer Media
Fiyer Media
A Media Production Company



Amada Haro - Owner, Photographer, Editor and Writer.

Regina Cloman - Videographer, Assistant Photographer and Writer.

Fiyer Media was created to produce all types of media art. With an emphasis on editing both visual and audio arts. We also advertise events and places that will provide entertainment for groups of all ages. Our goal is to have one place to provide these services so that you do not have to go looking elsewhere when you need something done. 

The services include:

  1. Photography (Editing upon request)

  2. Graphic Design (Vector art and Layout Composition)

  3. Audio (Editing upon request; foley, removing noise, ADR)

  4. Videography (Editing and Recording)

  5. Product Reviews (Promoting on our social media sites)

We also welcome requests to edit your own photography or even give tips on how to improve your photographs. Whether it is color grading or adding effects to your work, Fiyer Media is here to help.

Contact: sales@fiyermedia.com