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Fiyer Media has affiliates with companies that produce products that we agree make life easier. Below we have links to those products that you can obtain for yourself, along with reviews and how the product will benefit you. If you think that a product is for you, and you purchase it using our affiliate link, let us know and we will promote your images on our social media. Also, using our affiliate link will help ensure that we keep this site up and running for your enjoyment!


Lume Cube

Any time you need lighting for your portable device, all you need is a cube called Lume Cube! If you are a GoPro shooter, you will definitely want to grab one of these, no more dark images, keep them well lit with a Lume Cube!

GO Puck

This small square holds much power! It can charge tablets, phones, action cameras and other wearable devices. If you have a GoPro for example, you can connect to a GO Puck and it will continuously charge it while you are recording at the same time! No more worrying about stopping and changing batteries, keep capturing those moments without any interruption. The small compact device is portable and easy to use. To learn more about them or to purchase your own, click the button below.

Use code: amada20 to get 20% off!

Topaz Labs

Attention photographers! Topaz Labs have these awesome filters that not only make your images pop, but can change the mood or make them look like paintings. You can buy a bundle of all of the filters, or you can get some individually, depending on what looks you desire. I guarantee once you try it, you will use it for almost all of your images! 




Attention Gamers! We all know what Razer is and what products they make. If you do not, visit their website and learn more. From mice, keyboards and mats, to controllers and other gear, Razer makes the best gaming gear ever! If you want to get your hands on some new gear, click the button below!