Apple Meetup - January 2016

By: Amada Haro

This event was the first at Apple for the iPhone Filmmaking Meet up, showing how to better your films with your iPhone. Did you think that was possible? Maybe, but what about audio? There were vendors that shared new technologies to make your films look and sound professional. We thought we would share what we learned, from apps to gadgets. We are in no way sponsored by the vendors, but it would be nice! Haha! Okay, lets get on with it!


FiLMiC Pro - $9.99 in the App Store

Probably one of the coolest apps I've ever seen on my iPhone. You are able to control the ISO, temperature, shutter speed, focus and more. All for just $10, wow thats crazy. There is so much you can do with this app and since it tied with the Canon C300, I think it is worth it. AND you can get these features using your 4k on you 6s. For more info visit the site

Green Screener - $9.99 in the App Store

This app is for those of you who use green screens. It helps you to make sure that your green screen is lit properly. We all know what it looks like when it is not lit evenly, starts to look funky. You can even key for your blue screens as well.


ShotPro - $29.99 in the App Store

Now this app is visual! You are able to pretty much map out your scenes, and play them back! You can even purchase props and add them in your scenes! This app is more for the directors and storyboard artist especially ones that do not know how to draw well. There is a whole bunch of details in the app store about the app too!

Shot Designer – Free in the App Store

Very similar to the ShotPro app, you can diagram your scenes. But it is free. The only thing is, when you want to have multiple projects, you do have to pay. BUT, it is easy to set up a scene, add different cameras and play it back.

Apogee MetaRecorder – Free in the App Store

Ahhh, two channel recorder for your apple products (iPhone, iPad an iPod Touch). Guess what? You are able to link up to four iPhones and control from one Master! You can set the input levels, markers notes, and so much more. And if you have Final Cut Pro, you can also export to XML format, what!? This app is FREE too! Please see the store for a whole bunch more info and specs!



Rode Microphones

i-XY Stereo Microphone – $199.00 at

Just plug it up into the headphone jack, pop open an app that records audio and you are ready to go! Recording in stereo on you iPhone, who could ask for more!

VideoMic Me – $59.00 at

More directional mic, same concept, plug it in and record. Since this is directional, you want to make sure you point it toward your subject.

smartLav+ - $79.99 at

This is pretty cool, plug into the jack just like the others, but get this, its like having that wireless gadget that cost hundreds of dollars! You can just have your person plug it into their phone and throw it in the pocket, clip the lav somewhere on the body and you are ready to record. How easy is that!?

Micro Boompole Pro - $99 at

This was a light and thin boompole that you can hold with one hand, that will hold your mini microphones just like the bigger ones. Picture below. I was told that it will also support the VideoMic which is the one I have, so that is cool. The Rode boompole that I have is way heavier than this one, I think I will be grabbing this one soon!



Marshall MXL MM-400 MiniMixer - $249.95

This little guy is a portable mixer that you can record up to 4 channels! It can be either battery powered or by a USB bus. Not only does it work for the phones, but for our DSLRs as well! You are also able to monitor what you are recording simultaneously. Visit the website for more technical specs!

image from

image from


Multi-Purpose Filmmaking Case - $59.99

The case that will hold your phone, lights, mic or what ever else you can fit on there. Mount it to a tripod if you do not feel like holding it. There are even cases that can hold an iPad, much easier and more comfortable when you have handles to grip. Especially when you are recording video for a long period of time. This gadget is a must have and records steady too! Also, there will be a mount for the GoPro which personally I am excited about because I love using my GoPro for video and it will be so easy to hold when I am recording now. It is not released yet but I will keep you updated and will post a review when I get my hands on one! Here is the link to take you straight to it!


Overall the meet up was a success for the first time, we learned a lot and we got to meet a lot of interesting people. We just wanted to share what we saw and spread the knowledge! Looking forward to add most of these things to our equipment collection!