CamKix Filters

The CamKix filter pack came in this sweet little bag. It was filled with the four filters, the filter holder and a cleaning cloth. We can not get enough of those lent snatchers! 

I was not event a bit surprised at what I received. It was nothing but great quality, something that I will be using from now on. I definitely recommend if you are a GoPro user and you love taking photos with it, this is the way to go! They have filters for not only the Hero 3+, but the Session and Hero5 as well.

To protect from scratches, they came with a little sheet of plastic which I easily peeled off to show the smooth surfaces of my new filters. It comes with the ND16, ND8, ND4 and ND2!

A good rule for shooting a well balanced video with a natural motion blur is to aim for a shutter speed that is twice your framerate. If the light level is 4 stops over (+4EV), you should install an ND16 to get the correct exposure. If you are 3 stops over (+3EV), you should use the ND8 filter, etc. If you can’t calculate or measure the EV value, try all 4 filters to test which filter gives the best result.
— CamKix

It is super easy to setup. Just snap your filter holder right onto the front of your GoPro housing and slide on the filter of your choice. It is that simple! And do not worry, the filter does not slide out easily so you will not lose it without a fight!

Overall this product is easy to use, durable and great quality. I recommend getting some of your own if you want to take your GoPro photography to the next level. It is surely worth the $18! Click the button below to purchase your own and do not forget to tag #camkix and #fiyermedia with your awesome photos so that we can see and share them!