Peak Design - Everyday Sling

The Everyday Sling by Peak Design is an all around bag for not only photographers, but travelers alike. Not only can it hold your camera, but all of the other gear needed! 

The camera strap is amazing. Wearing it for hours and hours hiking or walking around was very comfortable. I have another bag that cost around the same price and found that when I was walking around, I kept having to adjust the length and tightness because it started to irritate me. I went for a long hike with this bag and it was so light and comfortable! Almost forgot I had it on!

No matter if you are left handed or right handed, you can have your sling hang on either side for easy access, it is pretty much ambidextrous. I know there were a couple slings that I have seen that were only one sided, which made it difficult to use in some cases.

There are many ways that you can pack the bag to hold all of your gear. The removable dividers allow for different configurations. I kept the three sections, but folded down one of the flaps to make a "shelf" to create another section (pictured below).

The inside of the bag has this one compartment, where you are able to store a few small things, such as cables, extra batteries, earphones or earbuds, external battery charger, thumb drives and more! If you are like me and like to carry all of your little bits and pieces wherever you go, this is perfect!

The material of the bag is made of Kodra, which is not only durable, but very pleasing to the eye. The color pictured is the charcoal, but also comes in ash that has a hint of blue stitching. Being that it is weatherproof, my gear stayed protected from rain that I happened to get caught in. Even the zippers are weatherproof and keeps the dust and water out!

On the side of the bag, you can even attach a Capture POV to hold your camera and become even more hands free on your travel. I attached my GoPro to hold on the side for quick snaps when needed. You can do the same with a small dslr or your mirrorless camera.

If you have a capture clip made by Peak Design, you can use it with the bag as well. Check out what the Capture POV can do here and see how you can use it with your Everyday Sling!

Overall the Everyday Sling is something that every traveler, photographer or adventurer needs. It is small enough to carry around for hours on end, yet big enough to hold so much gear. Between the design and durability of this sling, I'd say it is everything you need in a bag. 

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