Fabriq - Chorus Smart Speaker

Fabriq - Chorus Smart Speaker

The Fabriq Chorus Smart Speaker not only has amazingly clear audio, but it has a stylish look that will take your smart home to the next level. Not only will you be able to stream your music from your phone to the speaker, you even have access to Alexa that is built in. 

The buttons are clearly marked on the back to be able to control things. As long as you are connected to Wi-Fi, you can connect multiple devices from the different rooms in your house. You can connect up to 10 speakers to play the same music throughout, or even have different songs playing in each room. 

No worries about charging either. It comes with a charging dock that matches the speaker as well. Leave the dock in one room and bring to another to play your music, no cables or bricks to get in the way. Just seamless tunes to keep up the mood!

Check out the material of the outside of the speaker. There are many other colors to chose from on the website here. This particular color is Quartz, and fresh white color that adds a perfect accent to your smart home. Especially if you have LED lighting or anything else that can be controlled with Alexa!

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