This flexible smartphone mount can be mounted anywhere! Whether you are on a hike, out with friends or even at home recording YouTube videos. It's even small enough to carry and easy to mount on any surface, round or flat!

The three arms allow you to use it just like a small tripod. The most beneficial difference is the flexibility. It ensures you to be able to mount it on many surfaces. Wrap around trees or any other cylindrical objects easily.

The Gekko XL is a small portable tripod that you can mount devices on many surfaces. It has the 1/4" screw that will fit cameras such as GoPros (or similar), smartphones and dslr cameras up to 2.6lbs.


The Gekko XL comes with an attachment that allows you to mount your smartphone. Pictured is an iPhone 6plus, a pretty large phone, the weight did not hinder the stability of the tripod, nor did it tilt from the weight of it.

Get really low angles that you could not get from regular tripods, great for skateboarders to get those crazy shots! No more laying on the ground trying to get that money shot, just place it on the concrete and let the Gekkopod do the dirty work!


Bend and flex the Gekko XL onto any surface without worrying about your camera falling. We placed the mini tripod on top of a rock quickly and easily, something that we could not have done with a regular tripod. The GoPro would have been tilted to the side and someone would have to hold it in place on the side of the rock.

This tripod was easy to carry, slip into the pocket and go! Pull it out and attach the GoPro or smartphone and you are ready to shoot. If you would like to purchase one for yourself or a friend, click here!

Click the image to the right to purchase the glow in the dark Gekkopod! Stand out from the rest of the crowd!