Hidrate Spark, the smart water bottle that can keep track of your water intake throughout the day. And if you download the app, you will be able to see how much water you drank, and how much more you need to drink to stay hydrated.

There is a subtle fill up line on the side of the bottle every time you want to start your day count. Just make sure to set the bottle down on a flat surface so that is can count the water you drank!

The Design

The soft frosted exterior feels very durable against drops and dings. The diamond design makes for a great grip and easy for people of different hand sizes, to grip the bottle comfortably. A sensor stick tracks the amount of water you intake via bluetooth, is powered by batteries that are replaceable. So this is one less piece of tech that needs charging. I was a little worried with the diamond shape that it would not fit in the cupholder in my car, but it fit perfectly, as it did in my backpack! Also another thing I noticed was that when I tipped the bottle over, there was no spill of water and when I sat it back up, there was no change in calculation.

It Glows!


The glow is a visual cue that you need to drink up! Sometimes in our busy days, we forget to drink water, which is very essential to our bodies. There are a couple different ways to change the way your bottle glows, in the app.

Hidrate App

The easy to use app can pair to your smart bottle via bluetooth. You can keep track of how much water you drink throughout the day from your bottle, as well as add water that was from a regular water bottle. Also, if you use other apps such as MyFitnessPal and Jawbone Up, you can connect those apps straight to the Hidrate App. Especially if you use the Fitbit app, it will write the data straight to the app, so no more manually adding water to keep track of it. 

Also in the app you can customize the way your bottle glows. From the colors to the frequency, adjust the notifications to your liking. You can even tell it to notify your phone, to take a sip in an awesome way. Do not worry about the app taking up all of your juice on your phone, because “The bottle syncs to the app via bluetooth low energy…” Based on your activity level, weight and height, the app will calculate the amount of water you should drink each day. Because everyone’s body is built differently, we all need to drink a different amount of water. This app makes is so easy to do so!

I tried the bottle for almost a month to track the intake of water. Especially in the heat as the Summer started, we need to stay hydrated. I have headaches very often and I am told that it can help to drink more water. With this bottle, I am able to see how little water I am drinking. I have to say that using this bottle, with the encouragement between the app notifications and the glowing, I did not have any type of headache. Overall I recommend this bottle to all of those who are concerned with keeping their bodies healthy or people who want to start living a healthy lifestyle.