NutSac Mag-Satch

I'd like to say this is the best looking satchel I have seen! It is durable, well crafted and unbelievably roomy! So many possibilities of what you can put in this bag. It may be small but it can be packed full of goodies!


The material of this bag is made with Full Grain Leather and waxed canvas. It is extremely well crafted and I feel that I would not have to worry about scuffing it on a desk or brushing it up against anything else rough. 


This waxed canvas makes it easy to clean as well, just run some water over it and you are good to go. What makes it even more impressive, is that, "Each bag is hand sewn in the U.S. and is guaranteed for life."


Check out the craftsmanship of the zipper pullers. It feels so premium in your finger tips and when you zip and unzip, its just like butter. No loud unzipping sound that you would get with other bags.


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A lot of the time, people look for bags that can stand up on their own, with or without being full, and this bag can do it! Its a nice feature because I know I hate when my bags just flop over and I risk my iPad getting a little drop. May not mean much to some of you but this is a great feature.


The flap of the bag is also magnetic, which is a great feature so that it will not flop every where as you walk around.

This bag can hold a tablet up to 10.5" including all of your other items you'd like to carry with it. Honestly, I fit my iPad, my phone, keys, a portable charger, charging cables, my GoPro for vlogging, and still had more room to add items. I did not want to get carried away but this is a great little bag. 


The cotton shoulder strap was so comfortable that even with all of my stuff in it, it was not in my way. I barely even felt it. The top leather handle is even more cool so I can carry it like a tiny little brief case for my important things for the day. When I'm ready to go, I just flip it over my shoulder and Im gone!

In case you need a bag bigger than this, NutSac has a whole line of these "high-quality" bags for your choosing. Click the button below to grab this Mag-Satch or check out the other sized bags that will get you through your work day.