This case is waterproof up to 1m or 3 feet, which will protect your gear from getting damaged in the water for up to 30 minutes. It is also dust proof, so all of the elements will stay out of the case. The IP67 Rating ensures that all of your gear is protected and can withstand being submerged.

New From Belkin! A full assortment of USB-C cables designed for the all-new MacBook and other USB-C devices!

Another thing that I noticed with the foam insert, is that instead of two layers, it is one deep layer of foam. This makes it easy for items that are fatter or deeper, can fit snug into the case. You can customize the foam to fit anything of any size, and I found that I can cut the foam in half to create a small pocket underneath another item. 

Its so deep that I was able to fit my filters for my Litra Torches right below the Torch itself. Learn more about the Litra Torch here. This allows me to keep my accessories with the light in one nice neat square. I specifically chose the Nanuk 904 to carry these pieces of equipment because they are all small. I wanted a way to carry them along with the accessories, without having to carry a big bulky case without compromising the protection of my goods. 

Latching System

Probably the best latching system I have ever seen on a travel case. The material feels strong and durable, and I am confident that everything will stay in its place. I were to drop it, the case will not pop open and risk losing my equipment. That would be the biggest worry when I am traveling, particularly if someone else is handling it.

It includes "Integrated slide locks offer added security." Once you try it out for yourself, you will see what I mean, you have to feel it to believe it!

The cases are lightweight, yet extremely durable and resistant to drops and dings. Most of the things you keep in cases like these are fragile or not waterproof. So keeping them in a Nanuk case, you do not have to worry about getting your expensive gear damaged. 

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