Peak Design - Capture POV

Peak Design Capture POV

I found myself heading to conventions and events alone, wanting to capture me walking around, catching some b-roll footage, but it was difficult. I started to attach a clip made by GoPro to my backpack, but found that the footage was slanted and not in frame as it kept falling down, sliding around, it was not stable at all. I really wanted a way to record as I walked, hands free through venues and outside. Good thing I found Peak Design and their awesome products. 

Not only can this hold GoPros or other small action cameras, but point and shoot cameras as well. If you are hiking or biking or really any kind of action and you want your hands to be free for other things, this is the thing for you!

The most versatile action camera mount ever created.
— Peak Design

In the box, you will get everything you need to get rolling. The Adapter Plate, J-arm, Point and shoot plate and Capture Wrench (pictured below in order from right to left). 

I would say one of the coolest things is the sleek and discreet low profile quality of it. I have a chesty for when I go dirt biking, but I found that it sticks out in front of me a little far, I was always afraid of bumping it against something and knocking my camera down. Not only can you hook it up to your backpack, but you can also attach it to your belt strap. Now this is another awesome thing because I usually have a strap to hold my camera, but then it swings around when I bend over. It can just get so annoying. This thing has a quick release so you can easily attach your camera and unclip it when you are ready to take that shot. Right at your hip, how cool is that.

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