Pixel Eyewear

Gosh why are these glasses so amazing?! Let me tell you the most important thing to me about these glasses is that it really does reduce eye strain. I look at a computer and devices all day at work, blogging on my laptop and many times I play video games for hours straight. I have to say that my eyes never got tired. Don't let me get started on binge watching those Netflix Original series that you can not peel your eyes away from other than your day job.

Unfortunately, I get headaches very often. More migraines than I can bare. The doctor told me it was that my eyes get tired quickly from focusing on screens such as TVs, phones and laptops. So of course I bought glasses, but it did not do the trick. It did help, but not so much when I would play video games for hours on end.

I found these glasses where the glass had that blue filter that was supposed to block the light those screens put off. The only thing was, it changed the color of everything I saw. The glass itself was yellow and it just not work for me. 

And then I found Pixel Eyewear! I read the website, checked out some reviews, I just had to try them myself. I threw them on and got gaming. This is the biggest test, mainly because the average person blinks a lot less while playing video games. Then I used them while I was doing heavy video editing and photo editing on my laptop for the whole day. Then Luke Cage came out on Netflix and I binge watched that (amazing). I must say the result of these tests, no eye strain, easy for me to fall asleep after a long day, and I have yet to get a headache. Keep in mind it does not cure headaches from eye strain, but for me where I get migraines often, I got to say I have not had one since using these glasses.

image from www.pixeleyewear.com

image from www.pixeleyewear.com

If you are someone who stares at those screens, whether you are a gamer, designer, blogger, photographer, binge-watcher for a living, or even someone who cannot peel your eyes away from your phone, you have to try these glasses! They are stylish and helps with that eye strain. 

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