RAVPower Memory Stick and Flash Drive Charging Cable

If you like to watch movies on your travels, you can plug the stick into your iPad or iPod and not take up the memory on your phone!

The all in one memory stick by RavPower makes it easy to transfer data and files from an SD card to your phone, without a computer which makes life so much easier!

One of my work flows involves removing my SD card from my camera, putting it into my laptop, dragging the file from the card onto my desktop and uploading it to my social media platforms. Takes a lot of steps to just post a photo I took from my DSLR. Now with this memory stick, I put my SD card in the side slot and upload the photo straight to my social media platforms. Makes my work flow so much faster and easier. And there is no need to include my laptop to do so. That means when I travel, I don't need to lug around my computer when I want to upload my photos to from DSLR.

This portable device can not only hold an transfer data to and from your phone, it can also charge your phone at the same time! The cable serves as a two in one, so while you are watching your movies or taking endless photos, you can stay charged! 

Unlike other cables, this one can connect without having to take your phone case off. It is a pain to have to take your case off every time you want to connect your cable, the build of the cable makes it easy to slide in and out with bigger cases. 

The memory stick is even flexible so that you are able to bend it to place in your pocket or easily connect to a portable charging device.

Once you plug in the flash drive, you can connect using the iPlugmate app which is free, that helps you organize and view your images as well as videos that you have stored on it. I noticed that you can also back up your contacts as well as other data that you have on your phone.

The best part is that the flash drive is super fast at charging and data transfer. "Experience up to 80 MB/s reading and 30 MB/s writing speed with the USB 3.0 port."