Sticko is this awesome item that you can take with you wherever you go. It will hold things in place or hang on surfaces where they normally could not. Even if there is not a smooth surface, super adhesive stickers are included in the package.

The Sticko allows you to hang objects such as sunglasses or reading glasses so that you will not misplace them. Easily stick them to glass or window to keep them in sight until you are ready to go. Just pluck it off when you are on your way out and stash the Sticko in your pocket!

If you are a how-to person or blogger, this is most helpful if you do not have a tripod or camera person. Attach your phone to a mirror in your bathroom when applying make up for your tutorials. Or even take selfies with your best friend with full body coverage, while glancing the mirror as you take the shot.


The Sticko is basically the most versatile gadgets I have ever used. Not only can you hang items anywhere, you can use it in your everyday life and it fits in your pocket. What more can you ask for? Grab yours today!

Attached to the two suction cups on the end of the string, you can plug in to the headphone jack to keep it connected to your phone. There is also a lobster clamp so that you can attach other things such as keys or other small charms. 


Not only can you hold small items and phones, you can even attach small cameras such as GoPros! You can attach your GoPro camera to a bunch of different smooth surfaces to record without using a tripod and get those low angle shots that you normally can not.


My favorite use is to stick those small remotes to places where we will not lose them, like the Apple TV remote that I can not ever seem to find when I need it. I just attach it to the TV so now I can always find it!


To make your phone stand, simply stick the Sticko onto the back of your phone and you instantly have a phone stand so you can watch your YouTube videos!

To learn more technical specs or how it was made, visit the website here. You can also purchase some for yourself or your friends in a variety of colors.