Tamron 18-200mm

This lens was my very first lens that I purchased to attach to my Canon 70d. Might I say, I've gotten through many travel shoots, portraits and even product photography. The long range made it easy to photograph objects or animals that were too far away. It is always best to stay a safe distance from animals to ensure both our safety, keeping sure not to disturb them in their habitat.

Here is the beauty! Reaching from 18mm to 200mm, you would rarely have to change the lens. Honestly, one could have this on his or her camera the whole trip.

One thing that you need to keep in mind is that the F stop at its lowest is 3.5, therefore, you would need to keep in mind (as always), lighting. I found that shooting indoors I had a little trouble with getting dark photos. But once I popped on my on camera flash a little change in settings and I was able to get the perfect shot almost every time! Do not be afraid of f/3.5, its nothing that a few extra lighting wont fix.

There is the option to shoot either AF or M, which, you should always shoot manual. This lens does get nice crisp sharp photographs, and it is fast.

You do not have to spend a lot of money on more expensive lenses thinking that it will get you a sharper image. It is all in the photographer and the correct settings.


The Tamron lens 18-200mm has probably been the best investment of an all around telephoto lens that I have bought so far. Photograph just about anything and get excellent results. Every photo on this website has been taken with this lens, except for the photo of the lens itself of course!

If you would like to purchase yours, click here. This is the website that I used to get both lens and camera, they even offer insurance if any incident occurs. Make sure you get a lens filter to protect your glass, but the lens hood is included in your purchase! How awesome is that!?

Always shoot RAW! Happy shooting!