UK Pro

If you are looking for a case to hold all of your GoPro products, look no further! Not only did it hold my accessories, but also held my iPad. It is so light, even with all of my bits and pieces. This case is waterproof (up to 1m), dust proof and shock proof. The strap that was included made it easy to transport and was very comfortable.

So many possibilities of combinations for all of your gear to fit right in. I even found room for my GoPro Session, so you can basically fit three GoPros in this box, which is awesome!

The UK Pro Pole 38HD is so awesome! Take this where ever you go, in the water, snow, biking, anywhere where there is an awesome view. Add the Pivot Mount to get an angle that you could not with a regular pole. See quick video for comparison below.

The handle grip is comfortable to hold and feels real strong in your hand. Holding the pole in strong winds without it swaying left and right. I had that problem with other poles where it just did not feel sturdy. The pole even comes with a wrist strap to, just in case you are a person who drops things a lot.

I highly recommend adding this gear to your collection, you will not be disappointed. Carry all of your gear in one container! I usually have to carry two different cases for my GoPro accessories. Purchase yours today at or at Amazon through our affiliate links below! More videos coming soon, stay tuned!

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