Zoom H4nSP


The Zoom H4nSP is one of the most reliable field mics ever built. It is portable and provides high quality audio on up to 4 tracks! Below are close ups of the audio device to show all of the capabilities, but if you would like to learn more, visit the website at www.zoom-na.com.

This device is perfect for not only vloggers or filmmakers, but musicians and live recordings. Within the zoom, there are even effects such as reverb and delay, right there, in your hands! You cannot beat that! Think of the possibilities! You can also mount this bad boy right onto your DSLR to make sure you get that high quality audio in your recordings. At the same time, you can monitor what the mic is hearing and adjust the volume! You are in control!

X/Y Mics that you can adjust to be either 90 and 20 degrees!

On one side there is a slot for your SD cards. You can adjust your recording level and it does not effect the volume of what you hear in you headphones.

On the other side as you can see you can connect a remote, headphones, adjust the volume of what you hear in the headphones and a micro USB port. This is the side you turn the Zoom on and off.

The best part, this is where you can connect all types of things! There are two XLR/ Line inputs right at the bottom. You can connect microphones, instruments and other devices that have a line input.

On the back, you can attach the device on top of the DSLR or a tripod or mic stand!

It also came with a nifty hard case to protect it, fits nice and snug!

Overall the quality of the device and the fact that it comes with free software (Cubase LE and WaveLab LE) this is a great buy. Not only will you get high quality audio for your productions, you can do so as you travel without carrying around bulky items that weigh you down.

To purchase your own portable audio device visit Zoom now!