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CES 2017

By: Amada Haro and Regina Cloman

CES is an Exhibition of products that are featured by various manufacturers and developers. From audio to vehicles, all of the new innovative technology will be on available for discovery. Only the greatest of industry leaders as well as executives from all over attended. 

As one of the biggest events in technology, we visited CES 2017 to explore the upcoming and improved technology, whether it be gaming or wearable tech.


Car Entertainment System

Rollable Keyboard


Withings had a variety of gadgets at their booth. There were a bunch of different types of smart watches that you can interchange bands and have different types of features. The brush that they had on display can record how healthy your hair is, just by brushing it. It shows dryness, flaking and how hard your brush your hair which can damage your scalp. 

If you are a health buff, there was a whole line of ways you can keep tracking of your exercises as well as weight with their smart scales. The Thermo which was also equally awesome, can measure your temperature without touching anything. See for yourself!


What is Netatmo?


The Weather Station which is available to be controlled by a smartphone, has a bunch of different features. It can show the temperature, humidity, indoor CO2 and even sound metering. And since it can measure all of these, the actual gadget itself is fully weatherproof!


The rain gauge. Now this is cool, it can actually measure the amount of rainfall in your area. Keep in mind that you do need to get the weather station in order for this to perform, and only one rain gauge can be used. And you will get a notification to your phone once it starts raining. 


The wind gauge can measure the amount of wind that occurs near your home. As with the rain gauge, you will need to purchase the weather station in order for it to work. But you can control everything from your phone and get all of the data right into the palm of your hands, without stepping feet outside.

Goal Zero

Goal Zero is probably has the best solar powered gadgets on the market. Whether you do light traveling, hiking or even heavy duty camping.

From small to super large, these things hold so much power and will easily charge you up for where ever you are headed. It can even power a fridge, how cool is that! 

The Yeti line provides solar generators for emergency power on the go. Check out their products here for more information. There are so many options for projects big or small!

Charge through any adventure with Goal Zero! Power solutions for surfing, hiking, hunting & more. Get out, stay out - Shop now!

Yi Technology


Aukey is known for their battery packs and home accessories that light up your rooms. One of the things that I noticed was their solar powered battery chargers. This seems to be the new thing with technology these days and it helps for those whom are adventurers. When I am on a hike, I can charge my batteries without carrying a large solar power bank. This one can easily slip in your pockets.

My favorite are those 4 port chargers. Ah, so easy to charge a bunch of things at once! No more taking turns and switching cables. Aukey makes recharging so easy! Check out their desk lamp too, its a real treat!

Tablet Express

Ah, the 4k Action Cam! We have seen a these a lot lately and we are happy they do not have the same price tag as the GoPro. One thing about these cameras, is that it comes with all of the accessories that we need, without buying anything extra. It is kind of a one shot purchase and hit the road kind of thing. And another thing, they come in colors! The actual camera comes in a variety of colors along with 2 extra rechargeable batteries, how cool is that? If you would like to try one out, hit the button on the right to order yours today!




Concept Cars

Who doesn't love futuristic cars? Especially that knowing one day they will be roaming the streets! There were many hybrid cars on the show floor as well, and some that are soon to be on the market.





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