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Comikaze 2015

Comikaze 2015

By: Amada Haro

Over Halloween weekend was one of the biggest comic book conventions ever! Stan Lee's Comikaze! And if you were there, you witnessed so many amazing things, seen most of your favorite actors and artists, and more importantly, you saw Stan Lee! The man himself!

Stan Lee at the F84 Games Booth

Stan Lee at the F84 Games Booth

Stan Lee and Yoshiki spoke on their new motion graphic novel starring Yoshiki himself as a super hero, and of course Stan Lee makes his cameo. This was the first clip they revealed at Comikaze 2015. Great music, awesome effects and excellent acting. Click to view!

Yoshiki is a very talented Japanese musician. He is known for his heavy metal band X Japan, as well as pianist and songwriter. Stan Lee and Todd McFarlane work together in creating this fresh and new hero, one that we here at Fiyer Media have fallen in love with at first glimpse. 


The Reflection. Stan Lee and Hiroshi Nagahama and his members of their studio, talk about The Reflection. Watch as they address some questions that you may have as to what this project entails and what is to come of it. You already know it will be a hit because Stan the Man is on it!


Another guest of honor, Grant Morrison. He discussed some of his past work as well as projects he is working on now. He is known for Son of Batman and All-Star Superman and more. 

During his panel discussion he also gives some tips and advice on aspiring writers and what they should do to get started and how to get work. Its hard to believe that he does not even watch tv, not even Flash! But we still love him!


Phil Tippett's panel at Comikaze 2015 was very inspirational. He brought in a great deal of information on the history of animation. We learned a lot from his panel, an we hope that you will too. 

If you do not know who Phil Tippett is, his career is in visual effects and also produces and directs. If you have seen Twilight Saga, then you should know his work. He also worked on the classics Indian Jones and the Temple of Doom and RoboCop, just to name a few. 

The panel he spoke on gives you a bit of feel on how he grew in his career and how the animation processes and looks has changed over the years. 


Summer Glau, what more can we say? The best part is that she answered questions from the audience, but did not give away any spoilers (darn!). She goes into detail about how she feels on set as well as how she has grown as an actress. 

Summer is best known for her role in Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles and Firefly. She is also on the big tv series Arrow on CW. If you missed the panel or only caught a bit of it, watch it here, it was a discussion that you do not want to go without.


Best of all one of the favorite things that we saw was Stan Lee's Gallery. Full of sketches, statues and drawings made by Stan the Man! Just a few feet away from the statues of Iron Man. All of the suits Iron Man wore in his movies. Even the very first one he built!

Of course Marvel Collector Corps was set up with statues of their own and also were signing people up for the membership. They always have the best deals and the best collectors items.

Overall the convention was a success, between the comic books, art and panels, there was much to see and much to buy. Hopefully you enjoyed it as much as we did (besides the parking), and we hope you read our blog on how to plan ahead so that you could avoid losing any of your fun time. The Comikaze Expo was a sure delight and there were many opportunities to see and meet Stan Lee, as well as other of your favorite actors and artists. 

Until next year, Excelsior!

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