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E3 Expo

By: Amada Haro and Regina Haro


E3 is one of the biggest gaming events ever! There is so much to see and play once you enter the halls so don't blink or you will miss something! This year was our first time attending and it was a time to remember!


The Electronic Entertainment Expo of 2018 was one of the most epic times. Even though it was our first time, people who have attended the previous ones said that this one was the biggest ones yet! Banners outside of the Convention teased the new games that are to be released and once you get inside, you can actually play them!


It is recommended to come early as lines fill up fast! I also recommend that you pick your badge up the day before the event to ensure that you will not be in line to get the badge only to turn around and have to get in line to go inside. This picture was taken inside the convention as the line for Industry passes. I arrived an hour before the time to line up for Industry and still had to wait here until time they opened the doors.

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The Bethesda area had so much to see and play. They did not have Fallout 76 to play however they still had all of the other games to get our hands on! 

If you want to get Fallout 76, click below on the respective buttons for your preferred platform!

New From Belkin! A full assortment of USB-C cables designed for the all-new MacBook and other USB-C devices!


If you are a fan of Elder Scrolls Online, Summerset is for you! I was able to play for a while and the mechanics and gameplay was amazing. New zones and missions to play to continue your journey. Its already available so make sure to pick up your copy now!


The Elder Scrolls Blades game is mobile! This is an Elder Scrolls game that you can play on your phone, on the go! I played it for the full demo that they had on display and I have to say, it looks beautiful. I didn't have any lag and the graphics were amazing. The fighting scenes were smooth and satisfying. I definitely recommend if you want to take Elder Scrolls with you! It is also recommended that you play on an iPhone X, but I will be playing it on my iPhone 8 plus when it becomes available!


This had to be my favorite game in the Elder Scrolls section. Legends! It is a strategy card game that you can play on your phone.  If you are familiar with Hearthstone, then this will become very easy for you to play. The mechanics are very similar, but I find that the graphics of this game is more complex and there is more depth to the gameplay. There is even a little storyline. I highly recommend downloading this game, and its free!

Get this though, once you played all three games and stamped your punch card, you got a free sweet roll! And you didn't even have to steal it!


The lines in the Ubisoft section were so long! I have to say it was expected due to the amount of games they have coming out. Especially Assassin's Creed Odyssey! A lot of people received the Greek helmet (not sure what it is called, forgive me!) so there were many Spartans roaming the halls! 

There was even a stage with a floor area to sit and rest your feet as you listen to a panel discuss games at the Playstation area. We heard an in depth discussion on the game as well as art and some gameplay. 


This new Jurassic World Evolution game allows you to build your own Park. Imagine Zoo Tycoon with dinosaurs but with more complex mechanics. Your dinosaurs can escape and eat your visitors so you need to make sure you keep them secure and well fed! The graphics are beautiful and activates keep you on your feet. Make sure to get your copy today. My only dilemma is which console should I get the game on?


The Nintendo area was so active! And if you were caught playing your Nintendo Switch or if you simply had it on you, you received a special E3 pin! 


New From Belkin! A full assortment of USB-C cables designed for the all-new MacBook and other USB-C devices!

On the huge display, there was gameplay of live Smash Bros footage and trailers of Super Smash Bros Ultimate! So even though the lines were really long, they kept us entertained! Make sure to Pre-Order your copy today if you haven't already!

We got a new Pokemon game and of course there are two versions! Let's Go Pikachu and Let's Go Eevee! The lines for the gameplay for this game was extremely long, and every time I tried to line up, they kept closing it. Safe to say that this was the most popular game in this area! Which one will you get? 


Make sure you come with comfortable shoes, as the lines can become extremely long and chairs are not permitted. Bring a reusable water bottle, as there are water machines to refill when needed! Remember to be polite and ask to take pictures because there are some cosplayers around. And have fun! There is so much to play and some booths give out cookies and other treats!

Until next year, see you all soon!

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