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Long Beach Comic Con

By: Amada Haro


The Long Beach Comic Con is an annual event that celebrates pop culture and comic books! Artists from all over come to show off their work. So many cosplayers and new comics coming out. This is an event you do not want to miss!

Stranger Comics

This is Dusu, a character in one of the many comics by Stranger Comics. He was raised by wild elves in a jungle where he does not belong. The artwork alone captures comic book lovers of all kinds. The cosplay by epimetheuscosplay was so detailed and made us want to get to know the character even more!

These comics have many characters of color in a positive aspect with amazing powers. If you love seeing heroes of color, you must read Dusu and Niobe. To learn more about Dusu or any of the other many comics that Stranger Comics has to offer visit here

Animation Island

The most creative section in the convention. Sooo many artist booths that showcase comics, artwork, posters, etc. You can get your purchases autographed right there from the artists, and some even do commissions that will be ready by the end of the day!


If you are a collector, there are many different figurines and statues to get your hands on! There are even booths that have DVDs, Blu Rays and other collectibles.


The best place to keep your comic book collection up to date. If you are missing any issue of comics, I bet you will find it here. From new to old, you are guaranteed to find it here. And most booths even have 50 cent comic books, so you can come out like a bandit with just a few bucks!

R2 Builders

This was so awesome to see a couple different R2 builds on the floor. There was even one roaming around outside of the convention!

Check out their website at 



Now the biggest thing that I can recommend is to come early! There are so many other people coming to enjoy the fun so parking becomes very crazy. Take lots of cash because you will definitely want to spend money on small trinkets, POPS, artwork that you can get signed from the artist and more! I've seen a lot of people doing commissions as well, nobody leaves without anything in their hand! Make sure you come out and see everything at Long Beach Comic Con!

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