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Long Beach Comic Expo 2017

By: Amada Haro

The two day convention this year displayed a variety of artwork, cosplayers, independent films and much more. Below are just a few things that we captured along the way. Of course to get the full experience you have to attend yourself!

Other creations come from their own imagination and will still catch your eye as if it was already a popular piece of work. Meeting all types of artists at this convention gets all of your creative juices flowing, and made me want to geek out even more as I walked through the aisles.

This is why the Long Beach Comic Expo is my favorite convention. It focuses on the artwork of many artist and creators to showcase their hardwork and dedication in their passion. Whether it is centered on the most popular genre's such as Pokemon or Dragon Ball Z, the art that is displayed at this convention is high quality.

There was a little corner in the back that had a couple small projects for children to create and sign up for classes right at the Expo! The best part was that you could create slime right there! Now who does not love slime!?

There was even a game area where you can play board games with other convention goers and there was another section to the side where you can play Smash Bros with your friends. To be honest it doesn't get any better than this! Games, comics, cosplay, slime...its a great time!

Don't worry, for all of you figurine collectors, they had these too! The detail on these were so amazing! 

We attended on the Sunday of the two day event, and it seemed very bare. Not as many people as it was last year, and I believe it was due to the weather, but that did not stop all of the cosplayers thank goodness. You can really tell all of the work that was put into these costumes!

See yah next year!

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