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Uncovered: Final Fantasy XV

Uncovered: Final Fantasy XV

By: Amada Haro

Final Fantasy Uncovered was an epic event! There were secrets uncovered, trailers shown, gameplay and much more. If you did not get to attend, we have a recap here!

Hironobu Sakaguchi, the game designer was here! “The Father of Final Fantasy!” He discussed his passion of the game and how it has grown over the years. He watched with the crowd as FFXV was uncovered!

The Trailer! Please excuse the phone handheld footage, but as general admission, I was told DSLRs were not permitted. =[ But you get the just of it!

Ofcourse Tim Gettys and Greg Miller were the host with such amazing energy, kept us laughing and engaged. Lets get on with the recap!

The Art Work! Created by Yoshitaka Amano called “Big Bang” commissioned by Square Enix Divison 2 Art Team Classic Square Day, concept art that was turned from 2D art to be animated into 3D art for the cover. He was even present in the audience! And just behind him was composer Yoko Shimomura!

It didn't stop there! Nobu Uematsu, another final fantasy composer, popped up on the screen, he could not be present. But it was awesome to hear from him!

The Theme Music! Stand By Me sang by Florence + The Machine.

Gameplay! Who doesn't love gameplay. This game has such beautiful imagery and matches the wonderful music in the background.

The characters! Noctis, Ignis, Gladio, Prompto!

The Brotherhood, a series available on YouTube for free! The origin stories, Episode 1 available now! The rest will be released prior to the game release.

A movie! Kingsglaive! What is Kingsglaive?! A feature length full CG movie about final fantasy! And guess what? One of the voice over actors is Lena Headey! She attended and talked to us a little about the movie. Another voice over actors of whom we all know as well, Sean Bean and Aaron Paul! It will be streamed before the game is released and you will also be able to download it!

The Car! The Audi R8. Only one production model! Square Enix and Audi partnered to create this model, and it is not sold! =[

A game! Justice Monsters Five! Available on Windows 10/ iOS /Android


Mat Kishimoto, Square Enix America uncovered another game! Platinum Demo! Available on XBOX One and PS4! And it is free! Make sure you download now to play in the mean time, until the game is released!

Pre Order Bundles! Deluxe Edition and Collectors Edition! To learn more about the bundles, visit to pre order!

Release Date! September 30, 2016! Hajime Tabata, Director FFXV pressed the "air button" to show the release date of FFXV!

Epic event to show the Final Fantasy Universe! So many different ways to stay keep us in the realm until the release of the new Final Fantasy XV game! We believe that it is definitely worth the wait!

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