PS4 Blue Crystal Controller

We picked up the Playstation 4 Dual Shock Blue Crystal Controller and took a closer look. Let us dive in!

Blue is my favorite color. It only made sense that I would pick up a blue controller for my new Playstation 4. I needed a controller that was not basic and that would stand out from others. This is the new version of the controller where there is a light bar that would show up on the pad. This gives you certain indicators that the original does not.


Here's a close up of the joystick. It has an added texture that is different from the one that comes with the Playstation itself. Playing games hours on end with these joysticks feels comfortable and has a nice grip so my thumbs won't slip. I would have liked to see an added LED like one of the PDP controllers, but even without it, it still looks amazing.

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On the back of the controller there is a textured grip finish. This not only adds a premium look, but gives it an added feature of grip so your hands are less likely to slip. It goes all the way around the back of the controller, not just where the palm touches which I think is very useful.

If you would like to grab one for yourself, click the button below. It also comes in a clear crystal color as well as a red. So if blue is not your color, then grab one of the others.