Nova Nukers!

Ready for an action packed game that blast you to another planet? Nova Nukers! is the game! Nova Nukers! has a great soundtrack which keeps me pumped up as I am playing. The colors are very vibrant and do not repeat so it is not get boring. And once you master certain modes, you can increase or change it up to make it more challenging! Doesn't the game look so delicious?

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This game features up to four players both local and online! Its an action packed game where you choose up to five different characters to battle and unlock new colorful planets. Including new items that you earn during some of your epic battles, you can also earn new skins for your characters. If you are playing by yourself at one time, you can battle against the computer to increase your skill and learn tricks that will keep you winning. 

The mechanics of the combat system is very smooth and rewarding. It sort of reminds me of the Sonic Special Stage where you walk around the orb collecting the blue spheres, but when you hit the red sphere, you are finished. It left me wanting more. Nova Nukers! is that but better! You can blast, jump, collect items and use them to your advantage to blast away your opponent!

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Check out the gameplay here and grab a copy for yourself from Steam! The game will soon be available on consoles as well!