Shadows Of Adam

Shadows Of Adam

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This 16-bit RPG is hands down an amazing game. From the music to the graphics, this is a game you do not want to miss. As soon as I turned the game on, I was hooked. The story line is awesome and it includes a lot of humor which I love! The characters even have reactions and expressions that you can see on their little faces. 

I played through the beta and loved every bit of it. The battle scenes were awesome and I love looking for items and using potions. Shadows of Adam takes me back to the times I would play games on my gameboy! Sort of a nostalgic feel to it. The soundtrack is amazing, I find myself turning up the volume just to hear the music play!

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Our rating 10/10

The rating is based on gameplay, music, graphics and story line as well as the price tag at $14.99! Get yours today here.