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Hearst Castle

Hearst Castle has the most beautiful scenery, between the sculptures and gorgeous architecture, this is a place you do not want to miss. There a different tours that allow you to see certain parts of the Castle, no matter which you choose to see, it will be rewarding. Who is to say you can not choose all of the tours.

Tip: Make a reservation for the tours ahead of time. The tour times fill up quickly and make sure if you need to change the time, do it at least 24 hours before. The staff are even more nice and knowledgeable than I thought.

If you would like to see some of the pictures taken inside my tour visit, go see my Instagram page: @FiyerMedia. As photography is welcome inside and outside of the Castle, flash photography is not!

Hearst Castle was the most amazing place I have ever seen. Especially the view of the valley and hills going up toward the Castle. A visit here is a must see, and is highly, highly recommended!

Alcatraz Island

Alcatraz Island is probably the most craziest places I've ever seen. It is recommended to go at least once in your lifetime. Some people even go on the night tours so that they can get the full effect of the atmosphere. To me, when you walk through the walkways or cell blocks, you can almost feel what the inmates felt while they were there. 

Just walking through on you own is one thing, but when you do the guided tour, you get the most out of your visit. You find out little tidbits of information and a little history behind the island. Take your time out and do the guided tour, it is definitely worth it. Once you are all done absorbing everything, please keep in mind the last time to board the boat, you do not want to be left on the island overnight! 

Universal Orlando

This is the first place that I wanted to visit going to Florida. And the main part is Harry Potter World! Stepping foot in the world, literally put me in the world of Harry Potter. Wands waving, robes swaying in the wind, candy treats, butter beer and much, much more. There are many shops to see and enjoy props within them. The best part is that you will get to buy your own magic wand! Stand in line to get a demonstration on which wand is right for you. 

The rides are even better, but the lines are really long, definitely worth it though. Inside the castle is even better than you can even imagine. The details inside are out of this world. You do NOT want to miss seeing Harry Potter World. And hearing that it will be coming to my hometown soon, I'm even more excited than ever.

Get your tickets online, avoid the lines when you get there. And make sure you get the Park Hopper, if you do so, you can ride the train from Hogwarts to Hogsmede. Wait till you see inside the train!

Malibu Wine Safari

The first wine safari I have ever heard of and one of the best!

There are various tours to explore, lots of different animals to see, and wine! If you have kids, do not worry, they have tours for them as well, and you even get to feed the animals! 

Besides the wine drinking and animal feeding, the tour guides offer much history about the vast vineyard that you will be driving through. It is very important to learn about where our delicious wine comes from and all the work that goes in to getting it to our kitchen table. These tours will definitely make you appreciate wine! 

Tours book up fast, and some have restrictions on the days like weekends only. So plan ahead!