Frank & Son Collectibles Show

By: Amada Haro

The Best Place to Hold You Over Until the Next Convention!

   19649 San Jose Ave, City of Industry, CA 91748


19649 San Jose Ave, City of Industry, CA 91748

A convention like show with free entry and free parking? No Way! Keep in mind, since there is free parking, it is recommended you arrive early because spaces fill up quickly! Good thing the parking is next to the building, street parking as well as a lot across the street.

This place is packed with a wide variety of vintage games, collector's pins, comic books, figurines, POPs and much more! I've been to many conventions, which happen annually, this place is open every Wednesday and Saturday! Bring lots of money!

Pins, pins, pins!


Comics! There are comics for every budget! A bunch of hidden jewels in those boxes!


More comics, more pins!


Figurines! They are everywhere! Such detail...


Stuffed animals, key chains, toys galore!


More comics and graphic novels =]

A bunch of vintage toys in here, some in original packaging and some not. Most in excellent condition. 

Toys! Jackpot!

My favorite booth. Super Nintendo Games, GameGear, N64, Gamecube, Gameboy, you can find it all! 

See! They have it all, but make sure you look around at other booths. I found some games cheaper at the booth across from this one and looked like it they were in better condition.

Controller broken? Grab one here!

Old school consoles, and most offer a 30day warranty after you buy.

POPs! Hot Wheels! The POPs are everywhere too, shop around!

You can find anything at this place. Whether adding to a collection, getting new games, or grabbing more comic books for your stash. I guarantee you will find it here. And you can go every weekend, there is always something new to see!