How To Comikaze

What do I bring?

Its always best to be prepared! I have made a list of things to bring with you:

  • Money: there are lots of things to buy (comic books, toys, souvenirs, clothing, etc.)
  • Backpack: you will be accumulating lots of cool stuff, why not have a bag to hold it all
  • Snacks: need to snack until lunch time, got stay fueled for all the action
  • Water: got to stay hydrated and you will get thirsty
  • Camera: there is a lot to see and you will want to take lots of pics with your friends and others, especially other cosplayers
                                                 How To Comikaze

Frank & Son Collectibles Show

A convention like show with free entry and free parking? No Way! Keep in mind, since there is free parking, it is recommended you arrive early because spaces fill up quickly! Good thing the parking is next to the building, street parking as well as a lot across the street.

This place is packed with a wide variety of vintage games, collector's pins, comic books, figurines, POPs and much more! I've been to many conventions, which happen annually, this place is open every Wednesday and Saturday! Bring lots of money!

Frank & Son Collectibles Show