Litra Gear


The LitraTorch is a small versatile photo and video light that you can take with you on any adventure. Small enough to fit in your pocket, but strong enough to shine light on your darkest situations. Providing 800 lumens of light continuously, this waterproof cube can be the perfect source of light to take with you on your journey, in any situation.

Key Specs:

  • 800, 450, 100 Lumen settings
  • Ultra wide beam angle to match camera wide angle formats
  • 5700k, flicker free, smooth light pattern (daylight temperature)
  • Lithium ion rechargeable battery, Micro-USB
  • Waterproof, drop proof, aluminum body construction
  • Flexible mounting with two 1/4-20 standard camera mounts, embedded magnet, GoPro mount, belt clip

The bottom of the torch also has a 1/4-20 hole on the top and bottom so that you can mount to a tripod or anything that has the 1/4-20. It is also magnetic for added connection, especially the metal belt clip included in the package.


Like any light source, you can add a filter to create a certain mood to your scene and even temperature. With this filter set, you can change the color of the light in a snap! The set includes: 3 sets of Tungsten 4600K, 3 sets of Tungsten 3200k, 1 Red, 1 Yellow, 1 Green, a white diffuser filter and 5 frames to click them onto the torch. It even comes with a little container to hold them all together when not in use. 

Double Mount Kit

This kit allows you to hold your GoPro and LitraTorch to light your scenes with one hand. It comes with this mount where you can attach them side by side. I tried with my Hero 3+ as well as my Hero Session side by side with the LitraTorch. It was the perfect fit! The material was sturdy and is made with quality materials. The bottom of the mount can also be mounted to any a tripod as well.

The texture of the handle makes for a firm grip, especially when it is wet or if you have sweaty palms. 

The size of the Litra Torch is almost the same as the GoPro Session, which makes it easy to fit in your pocket. It also makes for a compact rig to take with you wherever you go, without the worry of it getting wet of falling on the floor and breaking. 

Litra has created some amazing rugged gear to help you take your footage to the next level! Learn more and purchase your gear and start creating today!