Upright Go

As I got older and ate more without exercising, I noticed that my posture had gotten really bad. My doctor noticed it immediately when I went in to see about back pain. This is the perfect reason to use the Upright Go, a noticeable trigger to notify me when I need to stand up straight. Most of the time you do not realize you are slouching and often will not remember to stand up straight. Having a gadget that can train you and help you maintain great posture is amazing. 

The actual device is as small as a double AA battery in length and so light that you do not even notice it is there! The material is very soft, durable and quality is impeccable and I feel it is built to last!

It also comes with a small carrying case for the Upright Go and a few of the "hypo-allergenic hydrogel adhesives." I love how it has a stylish zipper pull and a strong, durable hard outer shell.

In the back of the Upright Go, there is a micro USB port to charge it, built right in. The box includes the cable just in case you do not have one yourself, so no worries about buying another one.

Once you sign into the free app and pair it with your Upright Go, you will be able to track and monitor your stats to improve your posture. The best part is, that it does offer Apple Watch App, so you do not have to depend on looking at your phone. Using the app can give you great feedback on when you slouch, you would be surprised!

Make sure to grab your Upright Go now to maintain that great posture and gain confidence in all you do!