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Siggraph 2017

by: Amada Haro and Regina Haro


We attended Siggraph 2017! It was the most immersive and inspirational event dealing with technology and computer graphics.

Art Gallery

This year, "For the first time in SIGGRAPH history, the Art Gallery is dedicated exclusively to works by Latin American artists and designers: speculative artifacts that apply digital technologies to map alternative futures." The pieces that were on display were definitely intriguing. I think I spent most of my time here. 


New From Belkin! A full assortment of USB-C cables designed for the all-new MacBook and other USB-C devices!


Pictured is the PNY Pro setup

The exhibition is a great place to learn about new and upcoming technologies before it hits the public. Many companies have booths here that show these products and will also give you hands on demos! Lots of information, swag and giveaways to enter.

Check out what we saw last year at the exhibition!

VR Village

An interactive playground! We were able to "explore the fascinating potential of real-time immersion in tomorrow’s virtual and augmented realities for exploring new modes of communication, interaction, and in powering real–world applications in health, art, education, and gaming." Instead of reading or watching these technologies, we were able to get our hands into the world or new technology.


Production Sessions

If you were able to make time for the Production Sessions, it was one of those most incredible experiences. The knowledgable speakers told attendees much about the topics that we love, especially how it was made. 

Being that photography and video recording is not permitted in the room, I was not able to capture any images inside. But I guarantee it was an amazing experience. We learned details about the creation of visual effects, animation and more. The information shared here was so inspiring that those who love to create or appreciate the art, would definitely benefit from each session. Everything was well planned out, plenty of seating as the topics were very popular. If you want to know about what was said or see some of the processes that occurred, I recommend attending a session!


If you are interested in technologies, productions of movies, 3D printing and VR or even game building, this is the place to be! There is even more to see and learn when you attend. Hands on demos and interactive technologies are available for everyone!

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