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EA Play

For the second year, EA hosted an event where fans could get their hands on new titles from the EA library! This year it was extremely overcrowded, we stood in line to get in for over two hours and we arrived well before the event started. Once we got in, there were still more lines. We went to play Sims 4 which had the shortest line of course, but we also got a free game!

We attempted to play Battlefront 2, but the line was really long so we stood in line for Need for Speed. This took about 30-45min to get to play the game which is not that bad. The game was awesome! Recommend for people who love to play racing games and it has a storyline so it could be interesting. 

Back to try and play Battlefront 2 only to find out they closed the line and no one knew when the line would reopen. So we stood in another line to play Madden 18, they were giving out Madden 17 which was also pretty cool. For about an hour and a half we only moved a couple feet and at that time, the workers said that all of the Madden 17 codes were given away, bummer. Looking that we stood in line for almost two hours and barely moved halfway up the line was a complete disappointment. 

Looking around that we could not play Battlefront 2, I have Titanfall 2 so no reason to stand in line there. I've played Battlefield 1, so there was no other reason to stay. This time the event was outside so it was very hot and tiring to stand there for hours. 

The upside, Monster was there giving away free Monsters! Different flavors too, not just the regular one. I might attend next year if there are new games and they have a little more organization like they did the first year.

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