Aukey Desk Lamp

The Aukey desk lamp is an amazing addition to your room, office or just any space you want to add color!

It is simple enough to set up and easy to get the color that you want. Either use it as a regular desk lamp, or change it to your favorite color to match the decor in any room! It can even rotate through the different colors which is my favorite.

All around I love this lamp and will be buying more for each room in my home. It is similar lighting like the HUE bulbs but not as expensive as those. The one thing you can not do with this lamp is control with your smartphone, which is alright with me. I can just stick it in a corner and tap it to light up the room!

Check out the video to see how easy it is to set up and turn on. If you would like to purchase a lamp or two for yourself, check out here on Amazon, you will not be sorry!