Hootoo Flash Drive

As a traveler, there is always a worry of whether or not you will have enough room for your media. It becomes a struggle when you get ready to shoot more footage and you have to decide how to make room for new recordings.

I was afraid it would be too small for me to lose if it is loosely in my bag. It is also not too big to fit in my pocket if I am traveling light. It even has a little piece of plastic that holds the clear cover over both ports, that allows dust and damage that can happen to the USB port.

I especially love that I can plug this in without taking my phone case off. I have had many cables and devices that would make me remove my phone case every time I had to use it. I was afraid that this would be one of them, but it is not! I plugged it in no problem! Anyone with a snug fitting phone case would know the struggle of taking one off and on, it can be frustrating.


  1. Apple MFi certified, 100% compatible with the iPhone and iPad.

  2. USB 3.0 and Lightning dual-port design, plug and play with Apple Lightning devices and computer/laptops.

  3. Easily share photos, videos, and media files between Apple devices and your PC without using iTunes.

  4. FreeiPlugmateappforiOSdevices,supportsinstantpreviewing, file copying/pasting, photo/video sharing.

  5. Modern design, sleek and portable, perfect for business and travel. 

I recently went on vacation with this little gadget and it came in handy! On the plane I watched movies that I placed on there before I left and it worked perfectly, just make sure that your phone is plugged into a portable charger here or outlet. Open the app and you are ready to catch up on tons of movies.

The App - iPlugmate

The app is free and so easy to use. Download it and open it up when ready! It even opens up automatically when you plug it in. You can backup your phone and contacts, given that you have enough space. No more going and deleting precious photos to make space for newer ones. I just plug it in and store photos and videos worry free! I recommend if you are always taking pictures (especially selfies) or if you are a photographer like me, I always have a bunch of pictures on my phone and rarely have enough room for them.

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